Editors are not the only people that can curate your feed.

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I usually proclaim to ditch social media altogether in order to escape the time consuming and destructive algorithms. And although social media can become a severe problem for some of its users, deleting all accounts can seem like overkill. Luckily, there is another option available for users: curation.

Usually, the algorithms of social networks are pursuing the goal of increasing the time spent on their platforms. They achieve this by promoting extreme conspiracy content, which is receiving up to four times more views, compared to posts from credible sources. …

Tech giants might have to demand membership fees soon, according to the European Commission.

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Would you pay to use a social media platform like Instagram? If you had asked me a few months ago, I would have responded by shaking my head slowly while giving you a questioning look. After all, social media has been free of charge since the beginning.

But is it really?

In this story, I want to dive deeper into how social networks generate their revenue and why this is crucial, not only for our everyday lives but also for humanity’s course as a whole.

The status quo

Today’s major networks are mostly monetizing in the same way across the board: advertisements.


Sometimes we miss expectations. I think it’s human.

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Yesterday evening I mapped out my following day. I expected myself to absolutely — in the words of Gary Veecrush it. I had a gym session scheduled in the morning, followed by a prolonged fast to stay in my focus zone for my early morning studies. Afterwards, I saw myself eating a healthy lunch, succeeded by some meditations, and more studying and working. Yesterday evening, I imagined the feeling of achievement and the joy my discipline would lead to.

It felt too good to be true.

Which, 24 hours later, I can confirm. As I am writing this…

A field guide for achieving your goals outside of work.

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When I was growing up, society was propagating a simple-to-follow, easily executable message: Study, find a job, and live happily ever after. What a perky idea — at least as long as life was affordable.

However, today’s world seems to be in a different place. Millennials are earning 20% less than boomers at the same stage in life. Not because of laziness, but rather due to stagnating wages and rising costs of living.

Additionally, due to the current pandemic, staggering amounts of people in their 20s up to their 40s are forced to move back home with their parents.


During social distancing, I will take any friend I can find.

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As this whole fiasco started a year ago, we weren’t immediately aware of the implications. I am not talking about the pandemic, but more specifically about work from home. It was awesome — at first. No daily commutes, no reason to dress up every day, and the ability to finally grow a beard in peace. But with all of these, and many more, benefits, there are also coming plenty, equally as impactful downsides. As we invited work into our sacred homes, we were violating boundaries, which our society has established and protected for years.

With the ability to work any…

I am asking for a friend.

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Today’s dating market can be brutal. While the focus shifts towards outside appearances and witty opening lines, the barriers to finding a partner become unequal. Further, the Pareto-Principle is in full effect, meaning the top 20% of people that excel in the aforementioned two disciplines will attract 80% of the opposite — or same — sex’s attention. Such inequality leads to frustration, sadness, and legal questions. This article will explore different aspects of Tinder and how someone might channel their frustration into a legal blizzard.

But before that, I want to clarify two things. First, this is not legal advice

Keep it simple. Workout daily.

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Countless factors are influencing your potential to build muscle and shred unnecessary fat. However, there is one aspect prevailing all the other: Consistency. Ironically, this is also the most challenging part to follow for many clients I worked with as a personal trainer. Working out and eating healthily consistently is the number one factor deciding your progression as you embark on your fitness journey. Yet, inconsistency is seldom a product of insufficient discipline but merely the consequence of life moving in the way. By working out daily, you can counteract this problem. Here is why.

The routine

Monday: Upper Body

Tuesday: Lower…

When you have to choose between playing games and being productive, why not choose both?

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Earlier in this pandemic, I wrote an article about how I plan on emotionally surviving further lockdowns. One element of this battleplan relied on playing online games with my friends regularly. What I neglected in the course of this was that I quickly tend to overspend time on video games, and am mentally preoccupied with it throughout the day.

Yet, playing games with my friends is crucial for my mental health. I thrive from spending time with people and create my energy through conversations and working together. Also, gaming offers a fantastic way to relax and set boundaries for the…

That’s cool. But don’t approach your life like this.

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With all its historical events, the last year has been intense for many people. For me, however, the lockdowns in Germany meant that I would be staying in the comfort of my home for a quite prolonged time. Without the need to drive to the university or my workplace, and no possibility to work out in the gym, I started to become complacent. As a result, bad habits crept back into my life, and the urge to achieve my goals rusted.

This year poses a crucial crossroads for my life. At the end of this year, I will sit my…

If you had to choose between being a fast-food chain and a real estate empire, you should choose both.

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Although the current pandemic and the following lockdowns hit the restaurant scene heavily, McDonald’s seems to handle the restrictions well. This is also represented in its shareholders' trust, as McDonald’s stock value almost reaches its pre-Covid heights again. The reason for McDonald's fighting chance against the lockdown restrictions is partly grounded in its strongly established takeaway and delivery model. A strong brand combined with the possibility for fast and uncomplicated takeaways and even deliveries is crucial at the moment.

But there…

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